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Ladonna Box

Brian Dow

It is rather funny that we ask kindergarten age children what they want to be when they grow up when they are, literally, in the infant stages of discovering who they are. Most 40-year-old people do not know what they want to be when they grow up, but they have found themselves in a career that perhaps meets their needs regardless of fulfilling their hearts desire.

Ladonna Box had a passion for forensic science as a young girl and has honed her skills at problem solving, reconfiguring data and unearthing money saving clues to serve her clients to this day. Her ability to look at equations, spreadsheets and pie charts with an investigative mindset means that her customers glean the value of a radically valuable accounting professional as well as a trusted advisor.

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Ladonna spent her early years enjoying traditional hobbies such as band, choreography and English. In college, she explored archeology, anthropology and sociology. Earning both her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree, Ladonna expanded her horizons by pursuing career opportunities in book keeping and balance sheets, budgeting and billing, payroll and collections.

It turns out, that what Ladonna wanted to be as a small girl, translated well to the business world. Making order out of chaos, organizing facts and figures into balanced spreadsheets and finding lost line items to solve strategic challenges appeals to Ladonna’s inquisitive nature. Curious and social, empathetic and engaging, she feels rewarded when she can make all of the clues come together in a well-organized wheel.

Rarely do adults get to look back and say “I created a career for myself that was in line with my childhood dreams”, but Ladonna can. What this means to the independent business owner and entrepreneur, is that Ladonna can support and nurture and appreciate dreams and passions for herself and others. Rest assured, Ladonna will approach your small business with the same meticulous methodology that she applies to her own business as the president of Succentrix Business Advisors.

Call her today. Nurture your business with childlike abandon and yet rest in knowing that you are in impeccable hands.

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