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Do you need Tax Services?

  • Tax Returns
  • Electronic Filing
  • Tax Problem Resolution
  • Tax Planning
  • Current Tax Law Consultation

Do you need Bookkeeping Services?

  • Cloud-Based Systems
  • Collaborative Platforms
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping
  • Time-saving Business Systems
  • Financial Consulting
  • Industry Comparisons

Do you need Financial Advisory Services?

  • Timely Financial Statements
  • Proactive Strategic Business Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • Business Start-Up Advice
  • Trustworthy Expertise
  • Responsive Service

Mitul Mehta

Mitul Mehta

Energetic and compassionate, engaged and professional, Mitul Mehta is the ideal individual to serve any small or medium business. Curious and industrious, Mitul is fascinated by the inner workings of “the entrepreneurial machine” and the passion behind each independent business owner. Mehta literally translates to accountant thus it comes as no surprise that Mitul is very good at his chosen profession.

Born and raised in Mumbai India, Mitul enjoyed a plentiful, abundant childhood. As a young man, he moved to the United States to further his education and to join family living in the west. After achieving an advanced degree, Mitul forged a successful career in the finance, accounting and technology field and expanded his portfolio of talents to include forensic accounting, auditing, and project management.

When Mitul’s wife completed her dental program in San Francisco and decided to open her own practice, together they decided that Texas was the right location to put down roots. Now, with two locations well established and expanding, Mitul has decided to open his office of Succentrix Business Advisors in Dallas.

Succentrix Business Advisors specialize in small business services such as monthly accounting, business advisory, business consulting, tax preparation and payroll. Having spearheaded the launch of several small businesses, Mitul is in the perfect position to share his knowledge with aspiring and new small business owners. Mitul welcomes the opportunity to serve his community to insure that entrepreneurs enjoy successful business lives and rewarding personal lives that come as a result!

With Succentrix Business Advisors at the core of your business strategy, you are free to do what you do best: assist your clients.

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