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John Pelletier

John Pelletier

What makes a great team? In sports, the answer might be “members who have each other’s back”. On a TV news show, the answer might be “commentators who complement each other’s energy”. In marriage, the answer might be “two individuals who lift each other up and come together as a whole”. In the case of John and Kim Pelletier, the answer is “all of the above”.

John and Kim met in Carlsbad, New Mexico in High School. Both had an aptitude for accounting and math and stellar work ethics which propelled them forward into a young life together. Like a well-oiled machine, Kim and John balanced family, diverse careers and geographical moves multiple times over the span of years. By the time they had established themselves in the work world, they found themselves leaning on one another to achieve advanced degrees in order to take their professional lives to the next level.

Together the Pelletier’s resumes read with accolades of appreciation and achievement. Their talents include, but are not limited to, management, marketing, planning, development and support. With contacts in the corporate world as well as the small business environment, Kim and John are well prepared to serve clients with monthly accounting needs as well as provide a host of services customized to the individual business owner.

Now, with Burleson, Texas as their home, John and Kim enjoy travel between their various contacts in the west. Dedicated to family, invested in quality relationships and eager to serve entrepreneurs, you will find the Pelletier’s a joy to work with. Individually, you will find unique talents. Independently successful and accomplished in their own right, John and Kim are, as a team, unflappable.

With Succentrix Business Advisors at the core of your business strategy, you are free to do what you do best: assist your clients.

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