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Veronica Sas

Gretl & Bob Siler

Veronica Sas was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Westlake Village, California when she was a young adult. Well-traveled at a young age, Veronica appreciated being raised in a bilingual family and journeying through South America, Central America and North America all before moving permanently to the United States. As a young woman, her adventures continued, traveling throughout Europe when living in Germany as a military dependent. It is in Europe where Veronica’s Accounting career began working for the military Post Exchange.

Veronica’s aptitude for math and numbers served her well. Rising through the ranks as an Accountant in the corporate world allowed her experiences providing customer service to her clients at all levels. For the last 12 years, she has been a Corporate Controller for different types of organizations. Understanding both team building dynamics and interpersonal relationships is a unique skill. At the height of her career, Veronica decided to hone her skills in the consulting arena. Being able to focus on one client and their specific needs was rewarding. She has worked with clients from all types of business such as Insurance, Furniture stores, Materials, and Bond Company. This calling to see and meet the needs of an individual is what led Veronica to Succentrix Business Advisors.

As the owner of her own of Succentrix Business Advisors company, Veronica works with entrepreneurs and small business owner’s one on one to help them to save time and money. As a wife and mother, Veronica knows how important the balance of personal and professional time can be. Driven to succeed, independent and exuding integrity in every arena, Veronica goes out of her way to help people where they are. Helping people is her conviction. Applying herself in gratifying work is who she is. With over 20 years of Accounting experience behind her, the tenacity with which Veronica approaches your small business is no exception…enjoy!

With Succentrix Business Advisors at the core of your business strategy, you are free to do what you do best: assist your clients.

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