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Do you need Tax Services?

  • Tax Returns
  • Electronic Filing
  • Tax Problem Resolution
  • Tax Planning
  • Current Tax Law Consultation

Do you need Bookkeeping Services?

  • Cloud-Based Systems
  • Collaborative Platforms
  • Full Charge Bookkeeping
  • Time-saving Business Systems
  • Financial Consulting
  • Industry Comparisons

Do you need Financial Advisory Services?

  • Timely Financial Statements
  • Proactive Strategic Business Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis
  • Business Start-Up Advice
  • Trustworthy Expertise
  • Responsive Service

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

The top ten reasons why a person or business chooses their accountant includes words like trust, competency, offers proactive advice and good communication skills. It makes good sense then that you, as the consumer, would choose Dan Smith as your accountant.

Dan has a military background and has served in an extensive array of locations and specializations. The fact that Dan has honed his skills in a variety of applications speaks to his ability to review your unique business and apply the most prudent approach to saving you time and money. Efficiency is his specialty.

As Dan moved between IT and electronics to inventory and information systems, he became adept at finding streamlined ways to operate. He has a sharp eye for details and enjoys the challenge of thinking outside of the box to problem solve. As an entrepreneur, you will find a kinship with Dan and a deep appreciation for his desire to serve and protect your business.

As Dan transitioned from the military into the public sector, he found a passion for managing business systems and utilizing portals to platform information. As a collaborative learner, Dan works with independent business owners to uncover valuable revenue streams, to apply new systems of checks and balances and to promote business growth.

Accounting yes. Tax preparation absolutely. Trust worthy and competent there is no doubt. Proactive advise count on it. Great communication skills are tried and true. Call Dan for all of your small business needs and enjoy running your business like a well-oiled machine with confidence into the next phase of your professional success as well.

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